April 30, 2012

National Honesty Day

In order to properly acknowledge National Honesty Day, I must pay homage to my most honest friend. She is of the mindset of George Washington, she does not tell a lie. If it weren’t weird or continuing to link her with dead presidents, I would probably attempt to have everyone call her, Honest Abe.

To give you dear, dear, readers a better example of this deep rooted honesty, I will share a story which I shall call, “The Moral Compass in the Candy Store’.

It all started on a Sunday afternoon, most likely after brunch when we happened upon a candy store. Now as most New Yorkers know, these little candy store / bodegas exist all over the city and provide a wide range of treats. They have your standard gummy candies, they have chocolates and licorice too. They have gumballs and jaw breakers and that’s really the tip of the iceberg, however, I digress.

We each took a paper bag and began to peruse the candy selection. I loaded up on gummy candy and those chewy fake raspberry and blackberry candies. While I waited in line to pay, I dipped my hand into my bag and casually popped a few in my mouth. I continued, reaching into the bag to have a few more and I thought that despite the fact that the store was small, I was still being discreet.

As we are waiting to pay, Honest Abe turns and looks at me shocked. It was a look of terror which was on par with seeing a ghost. I thought maybe there was something behind me that had provoked this facial expression, alas, I was wrong. While I continued to eat my gummys before approaching the register, Honest Abe says in a voice only slightly quieter than a scream, “THE CANDIES ARE CHARGED BY WEIGHT, YOU DO KNOW THAT, RIGHT?”

Well, I was aghast, of course I knew that they were charged by weight. Doesn’t everyone know that? I simply just wanted to have a sampling while waiting to pay. Of course I realized that I was essentially ‘cheating the system’ but who in actuality doesn’t?

While Honest Abe paid in full for her candies, I continued to snack on the ones in my bag while getting dirty looks from the owner of said shop.

So today, I salute you, Honest Abe, and all other people are able to live by the laws of the land.

If you need me, I’ll be scamming some Sour Patch Kids,


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